Introducing RIT™

Technology To Revitalize Retail

What Is RIT™?

Retail Integrated Technologies (RIT) is an innovative technology that blends online and in-store shopping to create a unique shopping experience that draws customers back to stores and puts retail on the rebound.


RIT makes shopping easy and enjoyable for the customer and profitable again for the medium-to-large sized retailer through:

  • A contemporary store format
  • Technology that helps customers easily locate products
  • A streamlined payment process
  • A system that appeals to tech habits of both boomers and millennials

Why RIT™ Works

  • Contemporary and exciting store formats

  • Color-coded product locating

  • Technology that enables retailers to get the best of both online and in-store shopping, increasing opportunity for profits while minimizing cost

The underlying objective of RIT is to provide an incentive for the shopper to buy a product by giving him choices for selecting products.

Recent surveys prove that consumers want and frequently even prefer an in-store experience, yet they often avoid brick-and-mortar stores, claiming that it’s hard to find what they want or to get help with locating products. These dissatisfactions can result from the outmoded store formats and practices still common in the retail industry.

Who Can Benefit From RIT™?

Medium- or large-size retail chains who want a competitive edge, especially those that

  • 1 Have continued to show a steady decline in annual sales revenues and want to find another way of regaining the market share.
  • 2 Want to integrate their online and offline sales channels to present customers with a seamless shopping experience.
  • 3 Seek to attract millennial consumers.
  • 4 Are looking for a different approach to marketing their products by creating an exciting in-store experience.
  • 5 Want to improve customer service without increasing their sales force.

If your business fits that description, we want to meet you.  Be among the first to offer the RIT experience to your customers.  Click here and join the revolution.

Ready for RIT™?

Harborside Technologies LLC – Retail Integrated Technologies News Release for Retailers/Investors

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Introducing RIT ™ Innovative Technology That Revolutionizes the Retail Experience Retail is about to rebound thanks to a new technology that revolutionizes the in-store shopping experience. Harborside Technologies LLC, a New Jersey-based company, introduces Retail Integrated Technologies (RIT)™ an innovative technology that blends offline and online shopping to create a unique experience for the shopper. “RIT can […]

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