How RIT™ Works

Who Can Benefit From RIT™?

Medium- or large-size retail chains who want a competitive edge, especially those that

  • Have continued to show a steady decline in annual sales revenues and want to find another way of regaining the market share.
  • Want to integrate their online and offline sales channels to present customers with a seamless shopping experience.
  • Seek to attract millennial consumers.
  • Are looking for a different approach to marketing their products by creating an exciting in-store experience.
  • Want to improve customer service without increasing their sales force.

If your business fits that description, we want to meet you.  Be among the first to offer the RIT experience to your customers.  Click here and join the revolution.

Experience RIT™

Revitalized Store Layout

Signage, configuration, and color combine to create a store layout that makes in-store shopping fun and easy for customers.


For customers who prefer in-store shopping.

In-Store Navigation System

Tech-savvy shoppers can check the RIT app on their smartphone to see if a product is in stock at the store. Once at the store, the shopper in-store navigation system can take him directly to the product.


It’s all automatic. Cost is calculated as items are added to the cart, then the customer is checked out. No interaction with a salesperson.
Captivating design and prominent placement attract customers to the intuitively simple-to-use kiosk that makes it easy for shoppers to locate products they want.

Mobile Shopping Assistant

A millennial uses a customized RIT app to create a shopping list throughout the week. At the store, she can use a printed map or the in-store navigation system to locate products on the list.

Online Store Companion

This smartphone app that helps shoppers find products, navigate the store, check what’s in stock, and select a substitute product if the desired item is not in stock.

Ready for RIT™?